Road To Success Level 5 Walkthrough

Answer for Road To Success Level 5 Walkthrough – Right now i don’t have enough money to stay at a place better than this shelter. I should leave this place faster because i don’t want to meet somebody from my previous life here! C’mon! you will have to solve puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each room ! Find all 19 lucky coin on each room to access the secret room !
прохождение Road To Success by MobiGrow / Kaarel Kirsipuu on iphone and android


road to success level 5 walkthrough
tap left table to pick up brush and spray
use spray to remove green gas and use brush on right wall to see clue
o x o
o o x
o x o
get the button on left table

go to right room and tap the window
connect the slider button and change the position like the clue to open window
open left cabinet to see clue : 6 3 5
use this code to open left window to get a knife

tap the pillow on right room with knife and get a rope
connect the rope on right heater and escape from this room
escape to level 6


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