Road To Success Level 6 Walkthrough

Answers for Road To Success Level 6 Walkthrough – Oh, i remember this grim place ! I’d left my old sledgehammer somewhere here, and it might be useful. But this building will be pulled down soon! I have to hurry up! you will have to solve puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each room ! Find all 19 lucky coin on each room to access the secret room !
прохождение Road To Success by MobiGrow / Kaarel Kirsipuu on iphone and android


road to success level 6 walkthrough
pick up a screwdriver on bathroom
tap right side of the bath tub to connect the pipes
take the button

get the hammer on left side and use it to break the right floor
memorize the direction on right safe box : up right – down left – down right
tap the washing machine
use the screwdriver to clean the left spot of the button then connect the missing button
change the direction like the clue and get the cloth
connect the cloth on right window and tap the safe box to make it fall through the hole
escape to level 7


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