Room Escape Terror Level 6 Walkthrough

Cheat for Room Escape Terror Level 6 Walkthrough find your way out from the horror room by solving the puzzle, find code and get key to open door for each stage then escape !
Room Escape Terror app game by moonmobile on iphone / android device


room escape terror niveau 6 solution
tap the flower picture on right wall and complete it to get a red cloth
go to next room and tap the left mirror and clean it with cloth
you will find code : 5498
look at the right painting and remember the color :
yellow – blue – red – green

go to right and tap the left cabinet
enter the color code and numbers to open, pick up a wheel inside
look at the tricycle and place the missing wheel on it, move the tricycle and open the floor hatch
there are 4 car toys with color : blue – red – green – yellow
tap the left picture and remember the shape :
pentagon – circle – triangle – square

go to the door and tap the right wall
enter the shape and color code to open the door & escape


room escape terror nivel 6 video cheats guide :

This thrilling and wonderful escape game brings you a scary atmosphere, that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

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