Santa Vs Zombies Walkthrough Amphibius Developers

Santa Vs Zombies Walkthrough an android game by Amphibius Developers where on this christmas you need to help santa to take out the undead on a house !
here are 3 task from Santa’s Christmas Morning Checklist to complete :
1. clear the house of all zombies
2. create your own snowman
3. decorate the christmas tree


santa vs zombies solutions step by step cheat guide :
go to the door and connect the plug
get the dart arrow on tree and key on ground next to the stairs
get an ice from icicles above the garage door

open the door with key and go the right door, use ice to kill the zombie
get a garage door remote from zombie, a scarf from bag next to the zombie
go out and click the wall next to the train, complete the jigsaw puzzle for a key
look at the chair to get a pliers

go outside the house and open the garage door
get an axe on wall, click on car to open the hood and use pliers to get car battery
open the car trunk using the key and get train track

go inside and get a train track under the christmas tree
connect the train tracks and put the battery
tap on the red button and get a cutter from the train cart

use the cutter to open the presents under christmas tree for a stocking and key
move to other room and remember the newspaper number on chair
use the key to open the door and get the axe ready to kill the zombie
open the freezer for a carrot
use the dart on the dart board and get the key
look at the box on table and open it with code 8471, pick up the crayons and remember the dice number & color :
green = 2
red = 3
white = 1
yellow = 4

look at the box on chair and enter the numbers like the dice, get an ammo
place the crayon to the crayon box near tree to complete the numbers : 90023
put the sock on the chimney and look above the wall, the safe will appear
enter the numbers from crayon and get a gun
combine the gun and ammo

go inside the room with zombie that you kill with axe
use the key to open the door and get the gun ready to kill 2 zombies
get a cloth, shovel and matches

look at the picture frame on the 1st zombie that you kill with ice
use the cloth to clean the picture, remember the blue and red dots position
go out to the car’s trunk and open the briefcase with the dots :
blue blue red
red red blue
blue red red
get a new gun

move to the right side next to the garage, and use the shovel to clean the snow
open the dumpster and get a matches note and branches

back to the kitchen and look at the box, read the matches note
complete the puzzle with the correct matches position to get a key


go to the room with ice zombie and open the door with key
use the gun t kill 2 zombies, get a bucket and christmas tree decoration
use the christmas tree decoration on the christmas tree
go outside to the snowman and put :
bucket, carrot, scarf and tree branches to complete it.

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