Scary Escape Level 11 Walkthrough

Solutions for Scary Escape Level 11 Walkthrough how to get out from your nightmare dreams through each rooms ! find hidden items, codes to solve puzzle and use it as key to open the door for next stage !
Scary Escape by Trapped on on iphone / android device


scary escape niveau 11 solution
get a clamp and wheel on left side
remember the code on the board : 27xx and xx13 on the middle wall
use 2713 code to open the statue lock, get the chain and solve the puzzle inside
get the torch

look at the right doll on wall
lit the torch using the left one and place it on the right one

tap the doll that laying on right side
use the chain and wheel on it then press the wheel
cross all the colored letters to get clue PAST
enter the code to open the right cage and obtain a knife

press the right doll on wall
use the clamp to get the nail and use the knife to cut doll for key

use the nail to the door handle then open door with key
proceed to level 12


scary escape nivel 11 video cheats guide

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