Scary Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Help for Scary Escape Level 2 Walkthrough how to get out from your nightmare dreams through each rooms ! find hidden items, codes to solve puzzle and use it as key to open the door for next stage !
Scary Escape by Trapped on on iphone / android device


scary escape niveau 2 solution
tap the left armor and look at the box
change the picture code into : torch – man – mountain from door clue
get a matches inside and take the torch next to the armor
combine torch + matches to light up the torch
use the torch to the hand of right armor, pick up the circle button
look at the red scarf of middle armor for symbol direction :
W – M (facing left)
left – right

tap the right picture frame and place the button on bottom right side
now change the symbol direction from each button like the hints
take the key and use it to open the left door
move on to level 3


scary escape nivel 2 video cheats guide

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