Silly Cat Level 1 2 3 Walkthrough

Silly Cat Level 1 2 3 Walkthrough – Find the hidden items the cat wants by solving various puzzles ! find items in the unknown corners, there are 24 challenging missions to beat.
Silly Cat – Can You Get What the Kitty Wants By Hendy Cooker on iphone and android


silly cat mission 1 2 3 video cheats guide

silly cat level 1 walkthrough
tap the pillow and get the key
use key to open the right safe to get purple yarn
give this item to the cat

silly cat level 2 walkthrough
get match on the window, hanger on right wall and cutter on the left table
open right drawer for candle and combine with match to light a fire
use the candle to get a picture puzzle under bed
look under the left carpet and use cutter to get another picture puzzle
connect both puzzle picture on the right picture then connect them
you will see a box inside
look at the code from the book on left floor
star – triangle – diamond + heart – circle
pick up the key and use it to open the left drawer
get the item and give it to the cat

silly cat level 3 walkthrough
tap the fruit basket on floor to get a clock part
get a stick on left side
tap the right clock and put the clock part to make the bird out
look at the paper clue on bird : star – leaf – shamrock
tap the box on right table and enter the code
get a key and use it to open top left drawer
open the book and look at the code : 1852-26
tap 185226 on left fridge keypad
use the stick to get the fish and put it on the cat bowl


In Silly Cat, various items that cat wants are hidden in the unknown corners of the rooms. Bring your wits into full play to solve puzzles, find the items out and beat 24 challenging missions.
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