Small Room Walkthrough Room Escape Game

Escape from the small room walkthrough – room escape game solution where you must find some items with buttons to activate and open the wall with key
created by noprops –


video answer guide :

small room cheats :
look at the door, get a blue pencil under the door
go to the left, look at the floor tile on bottom left corner
click it and pick up a dice

tap the safe in the center, remember the color and black dots number from 1-6 :
yellow – blue – red- green- blue – yellow
click on the safe padlock with the order of the correct color
get the padlock and cable

go to the other side and look at the center table
connect the outlet cable to the pencil sharpener, then put in the pencil
once you have sharpened the pencil, use it to open the dice “1”
get another dice inside

now we will turn on some red button :
look for 5 side on the dice and click on the white dot
look at the end of pencil side, and press the white dot
look at the padlock and open the lock to click on the white dot
look at the outlet cable and press the small white dot

find a keypad on the wall
look at your inventory for the code numbers, each item will make a number shape
the answer is : 0734
enter this codes and take a key


go to the main door and open the door with the key to escape

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