Smart Room 4 Walkthrough

Smart Room 4 Walkthrough help to escape this game – you’re on the spaceship where you need to find 3 items to activate the escape pod : red power, blue oxygen tank and yellow battery
脱出 スマートルーム4 開発: MOFUYA


where is here ? i’ve escaped from the room though…
another room ? i’ve also gotta escape !

video cheat guide :

a room escape game by MOFUYA that you can play on your ios device (ipad, iphone, ipod) by downloading this game on itunes

smart room 4 solutions :
tap the yellow box and open the 2nd drawer to get a card
move right twice, use the card on the slot and press the button
move to the right and open the bottom left and bottom right door for space food and video cable
remember the blue color on top right
move to the left and use the card to see chilbi
give the space food and take the robot
remember the red square on the bottom right corner
move to the right twice and tap the pillow for key
look under the bed for screwdriver
use the chilbi to the hole and get a green chip
tap the chilbi so it move forward into the the hole

go back and move to the left
usethe key to open the middle locker and get a blue chip
move to the left twice and look on the right floor tile
use the screwdriver to open the hatch and get a red chip
look at the red door and remember the green square position
move to the left and tap the yellow box
use the hint of red, blue and green square color to place the chip on the correct position :
x x B
G x x
x x R
open the box for electronic key

move to the right and open the red door using the electronic key
go to the left and enter the green door
get a fuse on the chair
move to the left and you will find monitor with 9 screen
tap the bottom right hatch and connect the video cable
go back and press the button to turn on the screen
remember the clue number :
7 8 9
6 1 2
5 4 3

go out and back to the red door room
look at the locker and open the door from the middle and following the hint number
you’ll be able to open the blue door for a yellow hook
move to the right twice and tap the ceiling
connect the yellow hook on the ceiling

go out and move to the right
tap the bottom right hatch and put the fuse inside
activate the 0.5 gravity
back to green door room
tap the green box on table to get a pliers
move to the right, it’s the escape pod door
open the left hatch using screwdriver and cut the wire using pliers
go inside the escape pod and remember the shape screen

move outside and go to the left into the blue door
tap the screen and change the pattern
go out to the gravity device and change the gravity into 1
back to the elevator room and press the arrow to move up
look on the right chair to get the second space food

go back to the green door room
tap the vents under the table to open and give the chilbi the space food, get a key behind it
go out to the red door room
use the key to open the 1st drawer under the yellow box
get a remote control

back to the green door room and look at the 9 monitor screen
turn it on and use the remote to change the screen
remember the 3 planet color
move to the left and tap the panel right to the green door
change 3 planet color like the hint and tap the sun
get a 3D key from the down arrow panel
use this key on the panel right side to the monitors
get a blue oxygen tank

go out to the gravity panel, change the gravity into 2
enter the red door room and tap the hook on the ceiling for a red power tank
back to the gravity device and change it to 1
go to elevator and move to the 2nd floor
tap the left and right wall
put the red power tank on the left
put the blue oxygen tank no the right
get a glove card from the computer and back to the red door room

enter the card of gloves to the card reader device to get gloves
go out to the gravity device and open the bolt panel on bottom left
use the gloves to get the battery
back to the 2nd floor through the elevator
tap the ceiling and put in the battery


the escape pod will ready and the destruct system is set !
you need to escape in 60 seconds
move to the green door room and go inside the escape pod, then tap the seat where you’ll notice that chilbi is alredy there =)
tap the lever several times even though its broken and chilbi will sacrifice to tap the escape pod lever outside

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