Spotlight Room Escape Crow’s Nest Walkthrough

Solution for Spotlight Room Escape Crow’s Nest Walkthrough – what would you do if you wake up in a locked room and don’t remember anything ? except one, you have to escape ! investigate every scene and objects to find the clues to solve the various number and letter puzzles so you can open the locks code and escape out.
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Spotlight: Room Escape Crows Nest Solutions
get a wet shipping list paper on floor near car
look at left trash can
get hammer and diagram paper

tap on middle floor and get key
use it to open left electric panel
place the diagram on the panel, there a hint on bottom : A03 A04 A05
turn on the 3 4 5 switch

tap the yellow button where you find the key
get a chisel
use it on the left door keyhole and add the hammer to open
go inside the room

look at left locker
get a fragment on floor
go to right and tap on the door, get another fragment on boxes
move forward to the table and move the device to get the key under it
go to the left and pick up : ball, air valve, fragment

back to the locker and use key to open the middle locker
pick up a blow dryer and tape inside
use blow dryer to dry the wet shipping list on inventory

use air valve to open the window glass on right
take the key

back to the shelf room and use tape to connect the cable of yellow device

go back outside to the trash can
use key to open it and get fragment
pick up knife on top left wall using ball
go inside to the locker and place the fragment to spell jack on left locker
look at the paper on right wall for letters and numbers hint :
j = 1
a = 3
c = 4
k = 4
enter 1344 to open left locker and get a keycard

go to the shelf room and look at left
if you read the shipping list paper clue : S-16
open the cardboard with that sign using knife for plastic

use keycard to open left door
look at the chair and get ruler + diagram paper on wall
use ruler to open bottom left cabinet
pick up tweezers and scissors
use tweezers to get paper on top right cabinet
get a pitcher on top

tap on the safe box, using the paper clue you need to find the last color pattern :
blue – white – white
blue – red – white
blue – red – black
open the cabinet and get a karabiner

go back to shelf room
use scissors to cut the yellow cable
tap on left sink and fill the pitcher with water

back to office room and use pitcher on the glass
memorize the height of water, use this code to open the toolbox on shelf room
o o x o o
x o o o o
o o o x o
o x o o o
o o o o x
take the screwdriver inside

use screwdriver to open device on right table
get the battery and combine it with plastic + cable
back to locker room and use battery on the right device on wall

go inside the room and enter the code from paper into the phone :
you will find a new locker pass : 3499
enter the code to right locker
get a wire and telescopic hook inside

go to shelf room and use the hook to the red device on top middle
tap on blue box and connect the karabiner
lift it up using the yellow button device
open the floor to get a bolt cutter and sledgehammer
use the cutter to open the green box lock on shelf
get a formula paper

go to office room and use the hammer to break the wall
place the wire on wall and use the hint from the front wall outside
use the wire color to get the clue for numbers


back to the locker room and open the door with code :
4 3 5 7 – 8 9
get out and follow the story

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