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Can You Escape 3 Level 4 Walkthrough

Hints for Can You Escape 3 Level 4 Walkthrough how to pass each puzzle room stage by collecting and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the residence room and reach new stage !
Can You Escape 3 Game by Mobigrow on iphone and android device

can you escape 3 niveau 4 solution
get a can from palette and another one from left table then combine them
pick up the last can on right table and add it to combined item
get paper from right table then clean it to 1 & 2 container
put the paper on right hanger and remember the statue face
use the film to make color on left wall
get the tool from left table and use it to break the smudge on left wall then change the statue like the clue
get another tool and use it to the wood on left table to create a key
pick up the key and use it to open the elevator so you can proceed to stage 5

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