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Scary Escape Walkthrough

Guide for Scary Escape Walkthrough how to get out from your dreams through each rooms ! find hidden items, codes to solve puzzle and use it as key to open the door for next stage !
Scary Escape by Trapped on on iphone / android device
a scary clown will guide you how to play this escape game :
Welcome to the world of nightmares ! i’m here to guide you through your bad dreams. And maybe i will torture you a bit. But for now, i’ll just show you around.
You’ll encounter lots of items that will help you get out the rooms you’ll be locked in. Try checking out the right wall with the mirror on it.

scary escape niveau 1 solution
tap the right mirror and pick up the statue, memorize the position of red lines
look at the left side and move the shields horizontally like the red line position :
o o x o
o x o o
o o o x
o o x o
get the 2nd statue

tap the armor on middle
put 2 statue on the pedestals and get the sword
tap the door on top and place the sword on the right slot
have you seen the hint on the right side : COURAGE
tap these letters on door so the door open
move on to level 2

Good. You’ve managed to escape this time. But beware – i won’t be helping you again. Let your nightmare begin !

scary escape nivel 1 video cheats guide

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