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Tiny Spy Level 1 2 3 4 Walkthrough

Guide for Tiny Spy Level 1 2 3 4 Walkthrough – can you find the secret information in the rooms ? solve puzzles with your wits. Find information in every unknown corner ! there are 24 funny missions to beat on every room.
Tiny Spy By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device

tiny spy niveau 1 2 3 4 cheat :

tiny spy mission 1 walkthrough
tap the elephant to get a key on left side
use the key to open left drawer and get the item

tiny spy mission 2 walkthrough
tap the blue bag on floor for magnifying glass
tap the left box to get the lens
combine both items and look at the wanted poster on the board
use the magnifying glass to reveal a clue on the poster : TONY
use the code to open the lock on table drawer and obtain the item

tiny spy mission 3 walkthrough
tap the cup on trash cap for earring
get a stick on left table and use it on the curtain
tap it to close the curtain and reveal code : 713
tap the food menu for clue picture :
hot dog – pizza – french fries
press the right drink machine and enter 2 codes for numbers and pictures
get the 2nd earring

tiny spy mission 4 walkthrough
tap the dinosaur on table and get the paper
press the right blocks on table and remember the numbers
enter 352 for code to open toy box on floor, get the 2nd paper
obtain a screwdriver on the window
unscrew the left picture open using screwrdriver to get 3rd paper
tap the left cabinet and order the picture paper :
1839 = wheels
1886 = car
1933 = rocket
get the penguin toy

tiny spy nivel 1 2 3 4 video guide :

In Tiny Spy, information is hidden in the unknown corners of the rooms. Challenge your brain to search for clues, solve puzzles and find the information out.
You think you can hide everything from me ? come on, man ! no information can escape from my shrewd eyes. Cause i’m tiny spy !

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