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Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 1 Trick or Treat Walkthrough

Guide for Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 1 Trick or Treat Walkthrough how to complete 3 stars to find the hidden objects secret items, key to the door and locate the ferret on this stage 6-1 cheats
Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. available on google play for android and itunes for iphone, ipad and ipod

tiny thief level 6-1 cheats :
go up through right stairs
tap the red button to ring the bell, the witch will turned you into worm
go down and tap the left arrow, eat the mushroom to grow bigger
tap the blue ball to make it fall down
tap the footsteps on tree to go up, eat the mushroom on left to grow bigger
tap the cloud to move it, the sunlight will burn the spider web
tap the eyeball to move it down, go to the right and tap the footstep again
this time go to the right and tap the end tip to fall and become a cocoon then butterfly


tap the crow under tree and get the bucket on the broom, go down to the right and don’t forget to tap the crow on the arrow
now back to the pot where the witch will change you back to human, tap the crow on window and get the racquet from witch
go to the left and get the eyeball
go down to the swamp and get the blue ball
now go inside the tree, tap the egg
tap the hamster behind the leaves above snake head to get star
go out and back to the house, the bats will remove your glow and make the kite fall
get the kite
give the egg, eyeball and blue ball to the witch pot and the pumpkin will grow bigger
get the candy on left and give it to the pumpkin to make it blow
get the skeleton key then tap the witch pot
go down through the dungeon to get a lamp
open the door and escape with 3 stars

video guide answers for tiny thief bewitched trick or treat walkthrough :