Texas Hazard Level 2 Walkthrough

Help for Texas Hazard Level 2 Walkthrough – Escape from the sheriff and his men by solving the puzzle logic on every stage room and open door codes !
прохождение Texas Hazard by Trapped on iphone and android


Texas Hazard Stage 2 Cheats
get a knife and blue paper on left table
move cards on right table to get a brown paper
use the knife to sharpen stick on bar and put it to the pot
get a red paper

tap the bottles on bar and connect the paper to reveal numbers
tap left picture and press on the correct color order :
yellow – red – brown – blue

enter the numbers like the clue on card from right table :
3 diamond
6 spade
2 heart
8 club

so enter 8236 and get key
open left door with key and escape to texas hazard stage 3


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