Texas Hazard Level 5 Walkthrough

Solutions for Texas Hazard Level 5 Walkthrough – Escape from the sheriff and his men by solving the puzzle logic on every stage room and open door codes !
прохождение Texas Hazard by Trapped on iphone and android


Texas Hazard Stage 5 Cheats
get rope on door, iron from saddle and shovel head on right side
take horseshoe on right wall
use iron on the left chain, then pull it to get the stick
combine stick + shovel head
use the shovel to remove right hays and pick up saw
combine rope + horseshoe and use it under left vehicle
solve the puzzle of magic square :
2 7 6
9 5 1
4 3 8
obtain the iron saw

combine the iron + saw and use it to cut the door lock
open door and escape to texas hazard stage 6


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