Texas Hazard Level 7 Walkthrough

Cheat for Texas Hazard Level 7 Walkthrough – Escape from the sheriff and his men by solving the puzzle logic on every stage room and open door codes !
прохождение Texas Hazard by Trapped on iphone and android


Texas Hazard Stage 7 Cheats
tap on left posters to get keys
reveal the tip of right map poster to get another key
use 1st keys to open right jail bar
pick up sheriff star inside and check out the clue on wall :
o x o o o
x o x o x
go out and insert star on left box
now tap the correct drawer like the clue to reveal hint : 8714

press on the right square to solve the square puzzle :
o x o
x o x
o x o
take the bullets

use code 8714 to open right box for gun
now combine key + gun + bullets and use it on door to open
escape to texas hazard stage 8


step by step texas hazard level 7 video guide

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