Time To Escape Level 20 Walkthrough

Hints for Time To Escape Level 20 Walkthrough how to pass each room by collecting items, combine it, use hint codes to solve the puzzle and find key so you can escape the room to next stage !
Time To Escape by Goblin LLC / Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


time to escape niveau 20 solution
tap the right cage and change the fish shape facing right using 3 stick
get the light bulb and pliers
get a rope under the telescope
get an arrow from the gate door
combine arrow with pliers to get a hook
combine hook with rope and use it on the roof chimney
tap the left board and add the key block on it

solve the puzzle by moving the key block to the bottom left
after you finished, add the light bulb to the middle then press the button
get the cane stick, scroll and paper note
look at the green brick for clue, tap the switch
it will reveal codes : 67 11 35

use the pliers to open the fan and get a blue paper
tap the statue nexk and change the color into green
get 2 lenses
use the cane to open the bottom left box and get 2 items inside

look at the number under telescope and press
67 35
tap the telescope and add the lens inside
move 2 lenses to the right

look at the star through the telescope and match it with map
use the pen to draw the star line like the clue

tap the right radio machine and connect the yellow wire to all green buttons
connect the red and green wire
use the paper on the radio
combine glue + scroll + rope then use it on the wire spark
put the scroll on the floor to see a green smoke
and a helicopter will pick you up to escape

time to escape nivel 20 video cheats guide


This room escape adventure takes you to the strange museum with many interesting locations and mind blowing riddles. If you think you are clever enough to escape this place then download this amazing game and start the journey… because it’s Time to Escape!
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