Time Travel Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Cheat for Time Travel Escape Level 2 Walkthrough – The beginning of times, the ice age ! you should start moving if you don’t want to freeze to death. Solution how to solve puzzle on each time room where you will travel not only through space, but through time and escape using items, code, keys to find your way out on every niveau level ! Find all crystal of time on each stage and we will be able to tune our time machine for precise traveling.
Time Travel Escape by Mescape on iphone (itunes) / android device (google play)


time travel escape nivel 2 video cheats guide

Time Travel Escape Level 2 Solution
get stone on floor right side and snowball on the right snow
use the snowball to hit the icicle on top, get the icicle and cube on floor
combine cube + stone to get a bowl
use icicle on right floor to get a water, use bow to fill the water


tap left wall and use the bowl on wall
look at the ice block and connect the snowflake puzzle picture
now use the stone on snowflake to get your portal to escape
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