Where’s My Gift Level 9 10 11 12 Walkthrough

Cheats for Where’s My Gift Level 9 10 11 12 Walkthrough – can you find the secret gift for the girl ? solve puzzles with your wits, find items in the unknown corners ! there are 24 funny missions to beat on every room.
Where’s My Gift By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


where’s my gift niveau 9 10 11 12 cheat :

where’s my gift mission 9 walkthrough
tap the calendar to see lily’s birthday : month 10 – 27
turn on the ipad on top of the cabinet and enter 1027
you will find another clue : 592
enter these number on the bottom cabinet drawer to open it
get the key under the pillow and use it to open the heart box, obtain a puzzle piece
tap the left cabinet and solve the math :
? x 9 + ? = 25
put 2 and 7 on the “?”
place the puzzle piece on the missing spot and complete the picture to get a green gift box

where’s my gift mission 10 walkthrough
pick up a puzzle piece inside the strawberry bowl on the tree table
get the rooster head from the picture on the left
get a key from the top left shelf and rooster leg on the bottom left behind the books
look at the trophy number : 1873
use these number to open the box on the floor for diary book
unlock the book open with the key and get the last puzzle piece
tap the chicken picture on the right and place all the missing piece
get the purple box

where’s my gift mission 11 walkthrough
solve the puzzle picture on kitchen cabinet to get a hammer
tap the fridge and solve the tetris puzzle to get an ice
combine hammer + ice to get key
look at the flower on window and remember the color of flower petal
tap the right kitchen cabinet and use the key to open it
change the dots into :
pink – green
blue – white
get a cutter and use it on the left box to reveal the gift box

where’s my gift mission 12 walkthrough
look at the book and remember the color :
pink – blue – brown
tap the box behind the girl and enter the color to get a fishing pole
tap the rocks left to the girl and pick up the key
use the key to open mailbox for a hook
get a shovel on the right and dig on the left ground to get a worm
combine all items and use it on the lake to get a fish
give the fish to the sleeping cat
get a keycard and use it on the safe box to open for a blue gift box

where’s my gift nivel 9 10 11 12 video guide :


I can not find my gift! Can you help me find it out?
My parents have hidden a secret gift for me in the room. Can you help me find it out? It can be in any unknown corner of the room: under the bed, behind the cabinet or within the drawer. Please note that it won’t be easy to get them. All kinds of puzzles in 24 challenging missions are ready to challenge your brain!

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