World Wonders Escape Level 12 Petra Walkthrough

Guide for World Wonders Escape Level 12 Petra Walkthrough – Established as early as 312 BCE as the capital city of the Nabataeans it is a symbol of Jordan. I’m speaking of Petra of course! Play as adventurer to escape from the world’s most famous places with different room puzzle logic that hard to solve.
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world wonders escape level 12 walkthrough
tap left picture and connect the lion image for stick
put the stick on book to see circle clue and get the puzzle pieces
look at left side of buddha statue there’re some symbols, memorize the order
tap left wall and press on : 3rd – 1st – 4th – 2nd
take the key and use it to open left chest
rotate the cirlce like the book and get the stick inside

put puzzle piece on right wall and match the symbols to get key
use stick to the snake on basket
use key to open door and escape to stage 12


solution of world wonders escape level 12 video cheats guide :

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