World Wonders Escape Level 19 Eiffel Tower Walkthrough

Solution for World Wonders Escape Level 19 Eiffel Tower Walkthrough – The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world! More than 270 million people has visited it since it was built in 1889! Play as adventurer to escape from the world’s most famous places with different room puzzle logic that hard to solve.
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world wonders escape level 19 walkthrough
open black tube on left stairs to get lens and connect it to the telescope
look through telescope for code 7296
use the numbers on middle panel for key

tap left toolbox to get screwdriver and hammer
use screwdriver to open right floor hatch to get ey
use hammer to break the right glass and go inside
look at the electric panel
open the small hatch using screwdriver
insert both key into the key slot then tap the hatch to solve the puzzle for yellow button

insert the button to left panel and tap the lever
back to right electric panel, open it and tap the correct order
go to the lift button, press it and escape to stage 20


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