World Wonders Escape Level 5 The Pyramids Walkthrough

Help for World Wonders Escape Level 5 The Pyramids Walkthrough – We are inside the famous Egyptian Pyramids! They are more than 4000 years old! be careful, some of the traps may still work! Play as adventurer to escape from the world’s most famous places with different room puzzle logic that hard to solve.
прохождение World Wonders Escape by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


world wonders escape level 5 walkthrough
get stick on left side and use it to break the left vase
get the stick and yellow key
tap right chest using key and move the block to make the middle way for key
take the rope inside chest when you open it

look at the clue on floor
tap right pillar and tap these button like the hint :
left – top left – top right – right – bottom
back to the floor and move the tile to get the axe pick tip
combine it with the stick and rope then use it to remove 3 stone that blocking the door
escape to stage 6


solution of world wonders escape level 5 video cheats guide :

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