World’s Hardest Escape Game Level 19 Walkthrough

Tips for World’s Hardest Escape Game Level 19 Walkthrough – as agent you need to figure out where to find the queen’s stolen rubies, escape through each room using items that you can collect, combine and use hint code to solve the puzzle for keys to pass every level !
world’s hardest escape game by Mobest Media / Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Goblin LLC on on iphone / android device


world’s hardest escape game niveau 19 solution
get a key from right plant and handle from right paper
use the handle to open the bottom right drawer of left table and obtain a box inside
open the box for paper
use key to open the 3rd drawer to get lens

get a pencil right to the computer on left table and eraser under yellow helmet

put the paper over the right paper, use the pencil and erase it to get some numbers :

open the 2nd table drawer with these direction of angle from numbers :
up right – down left – down – up left
get a USB flashdrive inside
connect it to the PC and look at the monitor

tap the folder to see the clue of :
helmet – plant – phone – light bulb
look at the right paper and remember the position of items on the right square
open the left cabinet by tapping these dot :
x x 2
1 4 x
3 x x
get the paper and put it on the printer and tap the print image on the monitor

connect the lens to the right camera for flags clue :
egypt – USA – france – USA – egypt
look at the left building model to match it with building
now tap the left board and click these lamp switch like the flag order :
middle – left – right left – middle
you will have a red light, tap the pyramid paper
use the paper on the lines to get numbers
enter 6342 to open yellow box on left cabinet for key
use the key to open door and escape for stage 20


world’s hardest escape game nivel 19 video cheats guide

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