Five Nights in Prison Level 4 Walkthrough

Cheat for Five Nights in Prison Level 4 Walkthrough – Test your skills for puzzle solving and logical thinking to crack the code on each stage room so you can find your way out through all prison stage !
прохождение Five Nights in Prison by Mescape on iphone and android


five nights in prison niveau 4 solution :
look on left wall for roman numbers :
use these numbers to open the lock on left green box : 4937
get pliers and shower head inside
use the pliers to break the window bars for wrench
use wrench to get right pipe

tap the top right pipe and connect the small pipe + shower head, then add the wrench
connect the pipe on bottom right box for crowbar
use crowbar to open the door lock and escape

five nights in prison nivel 4 video guide :

There’s a block riot so the guards are busy, now is the time to escape the prison !
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