Five Nights in Prison Level 5 Walkthrough

Solutions for Five Nights in Prison Level 5 Walkthrough – Test your skills for puzzle solving and logical thinking to crack the code on each stage room so you can find your way out through all prison stage !
прохождение Five Nights in Prison by Mescape on iphone and android


five nights in prison niveau 5 solution :
get the glove on the left holder and see the code on wall :
7<...<9 8:...=2 3*2=... open the pan to get a key use the key on the right knife lockpad and enter numbers 846 get the fork knife and use it on the meat you will see 4 colors : blue red yellow green move the bowl on shelf to get dial button and connect it on left oven now chage the dial position to the correct color use the glove to get battery put the meat on the right press tool for wrench use the wrench to open right electrical panel connect the battery and press the button look at the righ sink and press the button to get a key use key to open door and exit five nights in prison nivel 5 video guide :
There’s a block riot so the guards are busy, now is the time to escape the prison !
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