100 Doors 4 Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough

Cheat for 100 Doors 4 Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough Zenfox escape game how to solve the puzzle door logic on each floor room and find the code numbers to escape 100 doors 4 niveau stage !
прохождение 100 Doors 4 by ZENFOX on android device


100 doors 4 level 61 walkthrough
get the table and put it on the elevator
pick up crowbar from toolbox and place it on the elevator ceiling
drag it down to see a ladder, now pull it down

100 doors 4 level 62 walkthrough
tap the switch button on left
drag the box on bottom left to the left and get a knife
use it to cut the lamp + cable lamp
take the wire on right and connect it to the electric panel from the lamp by dragging
turn on the lamp

100 doors 4 level 63 walkthrough
shake the vending machine 2x
get the bottle and use it on the glass
give the glass to the man and look at the map X

100 doors 4 level 64 walkthrough
get the bat and use it to break left glass for ax
use it to break right box for chain cutter
cut the chain on door with the chain cutter

100 doors 4 level 65 walkthrough
pick up the mop
drag the mop to reach the ladder on top and make it move down


Solve many puzzles, use items and use all potential of your mind to open the doors and escape from the rooms nivel.
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