Zombie Cruise Walkthrough

Solution for Zombie Cruise Walkthrough ! Can you escape from zombie cruise ? find weapon to kill the zombie on ship, collect items, combine and solve puzzle code to escape from ship that full of zombies !
прохождение Zombie Cruise by Amphibius Developers on android device


here’s the story of this zombie cruise escape game :
When a cruise ship full of tourists turn into Zombie Cruise, you are the only one that can stop the invasion.
So brace yourself for the zombie party of the century, in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

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Zombie Cruise Cheats :
tap the small wood box on floor to get a matches inside
use it to lit the lantern on right floor
pick up the lantern and use it on right corner to get a rope and key
use key to open fire extinguisher lock on right and get the iron
use the iron to open the hatch on floor and take the iron back
connect the rope and use lantern to go down
prepare the iron to kill the zombie
tap right shelf to get oil and key

go up and use the oil on left valve and tap it so the water underground will gone
go down and get crowbar on left
go up and use crowbar to break the crate box on right
take the pliers

go down and use pliers to cut right fence
get the weapon
use the key to open wood box for a lever
go up and connect the lever then press it

look at the code on window : 5583
go down and enter the numbers on red safe box for valve
go up and connect the valve on door then use the weapon to kill the zombie


step by step zombie cruise video guide

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