100 Washitsu Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough

Answer for 100 Washitsu Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough – Solve the secret in these japanese style room, open the door and escape! This is a free application with many various achievements and more stage will be added!
100 Washitsu : room escape game by Cybergate Technology Ltd. on iphone / android device – 脱出ゲーム “100 和室”


100 washitsu niveau 46 47 48 49 50 solution :

100 washitsu level 46 walkthrough
open top right drawer to get a cutter
go to the other side and get a bottle, observe the bottle to open the lid
now tilt your phone upside down to remove the liquid then use cutter to cut the bottle
get the keycard and use it to keypad

100 washitsu level 47 walkthrough
check the scroll hint on the other side
look on keypad and slide it to the left
now you see the same star position
use the order of lines position like the scroll to find the numbers : 8359
put back the keypad on the normal position then press the code

100 washitsu level 48 walkthrough
check all the shapes with numbers on wall
get the spray bottle on the other side
then use it to the maze board on floor
try to move the ball to get the order of the shape
the answer is : 281 753
enter these code on keypad to open door

100 washitsu level 49 walkthrough
look at the water drop symbol on door and remember the position
go to the other side and tap the scroll
press the tile like the water drop position :
x x o
o x o
o o x
o o x

100 washitsu level 50 walkthrough
count how many bananas on each column : 2 1 1
remember the position of apple from top to bottom : right – middle – left
use the banana code to open the yellow safe, get a paper inside
go to the other side and use the apple code to open this safe, get another paper
combine both paper to get the code numbers, then enter it on keypad


100 washitsu cheats nivel 46 47 48 49 50 video guide :

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