Escape Game Nine Ball Walkthrough

Goro Sato game guide : Escape Game Nine Ball Walkthrough – escape from the room of nine ball ! Your mission is to find 9 pool ball on each room by solving puzzle, find code and numbers to open box and finally get pool cue stick to hit the balls to the hole and a secret door will open for you.
Escape Game: Nine Ball By Goro Sato available on itunes for ios device : iphone, ipod, ipad


how to play :
Select an item and tap specific parts of the room to use the item.
While examining an item, some items can be combined by selcting an item and tap on the examining item.
You can carry 7 items at once.
You can put back certain items in a place you found it.

脱出ゲーム Nine Ball Video Cheats :

Escape Game : Nine Ball Solutions
get yellow ball 1 on floor to inventory, then tap the left chair
count how many bars on the chair leg : 6
change the number on chair into 6
back and look at the other left chair, count the bars on chair leg : 3
change the number on chair into 3
you will see animation of trash can open


go back and tap on the right table bar, you must connect the lines into square
get ball 5
move to the right and look inside trash can to obtain a handle
go to the left and look at the glass on the bar side
the height order are : 3 1 5 2 4
tap the 2nd glass from right to get blue ball 2
go to the left and look at the device on right table
change the bar height like the glass : 3-1-5-2-4
get brown ball 7

check the shape of red chair leg from left to right :
triangle – pentagon – square – circle
look at the device on middle and change the shape like the clue
get the purple ball 4

move left and examine the left side of pool table
get red ball 3
put all 6 balls on the pool table

go back and connect the handle to open box on left side
get a green ball 6 and put it on pool table
now remember the color and numbers
move to the opposite side of the room and look at the device
change the numbers into :
2 3
4 6
get black ball 8

move to the right and do the math on wall :
63 + 284 = 347
go to the right and place the ball on pool table
now find the correct color for 3 4 7
red – purple – brown
go to the right and look at the box on left table
change the color like the hint
get a yellow ball 9


back to the pool table and put the last ball
go to the left and take a stick from board
use the stick to hit the white ball on pool table and you will have the window pen
move to the left and escape through the window !

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