Adventure Escape The Scottish Castle Bonus 1 The Tower Walkthrough

Solutions of Adventure Escape The Scottish Castle Bonus 1 The Tower Walkthrough to help you solve the puzzle game and escape from each level room of the Scottish Castle !
Escape Game Scottish Castle by Haiku Games on android and iphone device


Adventure Escape Game Castle Act 5 Cheats :

adventure escape the scottish castle bonus 1 the tower part 1
move the pot on floor to reveal an indentation on ground with key shape
open book on the right table and enter these letters :
“in the land of the blind
the one eyed man is king”

get a cup of water on table and block of plaster on wall
move to the left room
tap the board and press on the green arrow on top right then follow the direction
look at the scroll symbol for hint
now tap 3 button on wall and change the number into 157
add block of plaster between the gears
tap the lever down to get a plaster powder

back to previous room
pour the powder to the key shape on floor
add a cup of water then pick up the key

go to the next room and use the key to open the door jail bars
escape to level 2

adventure escape the scottish castle bonus 1 the tower part 2
tap the animal to see what it wants
move the chair to reveal math operators on wall
on top left wall there’s a 16 (+)
tap the picture down to see green 20 (+)
tap the stones on bottom right 5 (-)
tap the hay on ground 6 (x)

open the left box with code 0 1 3 1
get a lever inside
use the lever to the slot on wall and pull it down to see a ladder
climb up

tap the left flag to see c = 6
move the small cabinet to see code
look at the cloud on the window for clue
now enter these number to the left wall : 9847
get a bow behind the picture and put it on the statue
get an arrow under the carpet and add it to the statue
pull the lever up and get a basket of apples from the shelf
get the arrow back and use it on the statue
get the arrow and move down

give the basket to the animal
you will see a which apple? puzzle
keplar wants you to find the heaviest apple three times in a row
but he’s only letting you use the scale twice
after you have the strange apple, go up
move the cabinet to the left and put the arrow on the statue
shoot the apple to get a key inside

get the arrow and shoot the button using the statue so the ladder move up
use the key to open the ceiling door and escape


Encounter novel puzzles in this escape adventure game and discover the secrets of the Scottish Castle! Each room and floor in this castle features unique challenges and design.
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