Escape the Mansion Level 181 182 183 184 185 Walkthrough

Gipnetix LTD Android game solution : Escape the Mansion Level 181 182 183 184 185 Walkthrough how to solve all the challenging puzzles niveau and escape the rooms so you can earn coins for hints or buy unlimited time cheat for every challenge room.
How to Play Escape the Mansion :
– Tap, Tilt, Shake and Rotate you cell phone to solve the puzzles
– You can also pick up hidden items in the room and use them to find out a solution


If you have any question with the puzzle logic, just ask below.. we will try our best to find out the reason why on each nivel ?

escape the mansion level 181 walkthrough
shake your device
move the handle to the slider
tap the slider and drag it down
swipe the curtain to left and right side

escape the mansion level 182 walkthrough
tap the fire – saucepot – water – steam and glass
enter 8972 on keypad

escape the mansion level 183 walkthrough
after the ghost appear
tap the button with sign of cross (up – down – right – left) 3 times before it disappear

escape the mansion level 184 walkthrough
move 3 layers and make them to match to each other
1st column : T – O – line


escape the mansion level 185 walkthrough
challenge room to roll the ball into the hole
up – left – finish 2 holes
go back up – right – down – right – finish 1 hole
go back down – left – up – left – right – down – right – left – down finish 2 hole

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