Alcatraz Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

Solution for Alcatraz Escape Level 3 Walkthrough – Maybe nobody walks here because it’s late supper time! We shoud hurry up! play as prisoner to escape the locked alcatraz prison by solving puzzle logic on every level room ! search for clues and hints that will help you on your way out.
прохождение Alcatraz Escape by Trapped LLC on iphone and android


Alcatraz Escape Level 3 Walkthrough
look at the box with 4 square size, use it as order to tap left brick to get a saw handle
get a saw knife on left ground and combine it with the saw
use the saw to cut iron from stairs then use the iron to open the manhole for roman numerals
apply these number as order from left wall to open right box
use code : 5382
get some stair steps and put it on the stairs
proceed to stage 4


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