Alcatraz Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

Cheats for Alcatraz Escape Level 4 Walkthrough – Oh, just in time! there’s a patron in a yard ! There’s no way back now. And i’m not sorry for that lost opportunity! play as prisoner to escape the locked alcatraz prison by solving puzzle logic on every level room ! search for clues and hints that will help you on your way out.
прохождение Alcatraz Escape by Trapped LLC on iphone and android


Alcatraz Escape Level 4 Walkthrough
take wire cutter right side to the door
use it to open the locker and get a gun inside
pick up bullets on table
combine gun + bullets and use it to shoot 2 target from window
you will find numbers : 34 85
enter these code to open box on table for wires
use the wires to open door from the panel left to the door
proceed to stage 5


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