Alcatraz Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Cheat for Alcatraz Escape Level 5 Walkthrough – Something has happened to the wiring… You’d better be careful and find a glove to fix it! Otherwise i’ll be looking for a way out by myself! play as prisoner to escape the locked alcatraz prison by solving puzzle logic on every level room ! search for clues and hints that will help you on your way out.
прохождение Alcatraz Escape by Trapped LLC on iphone and android


Alcatraz Escape Level 5 Walkthrough
get a stick near the radio and use it to rbeak the glass on left for key
pick up the button on right table and open drawer using key
obtain a rubber glove inside and memorize the clue :
2 3 4 1
use the glove to get the lever on left and connect it on right panel
tap it down and look at the radio
connect the button and tap the radio buttons like the clue
you will see some height, apply these clue on door so you can open it
continue to stage 6


solution of alcatraz escape level 5 video cheats guide :

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