Alcatraz Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Clue for Alcatraz Escape Level 6 Walkthrough – Local hospital… Never liked places like this ! Let’s hurry up, this room might be popular with the local residents ! play as prisoner to escape the locked alcatraz prison by solving puzzle logic on every level room ! search for clues and hints that will help you on your way out.
прохождение Alcatraz Escape by Trapped LLC on iphone and android


Alcatraz Escape Level 6 Walkthrough
pick up knife near book on middle
use it to cut leaf on pot right to the door
get a glass shard on x-ray screen
put the glass on microscope then add the leaf
look on microscope for 4 shape of microbe
now switch the microbe on book like the clue to get key
use key to open drawer for X-Ray paper
put the papers on scren to see some fingers :
3 5 2 4
enter these code to the box on right table for gun
use the gun to shoot on the door lock
continue to stage 7


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