Blood House Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Hint for Blood House Escape Level 5 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle and find keys on each room to escape from a blood house ! there are 8 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from the house.
прохождение Blood House Escape by Amphibius Developers on android device


step by step blood house escape level 5 video guide


Blood House Escape Level 5 Cheats :
get water bottle behind the toy box on floor
use it to the pot on window to get flower and get the screwdriver
put the flower on right shelf vase to get a cutter
use cutter on the floor and open panel with screwdriver to get a rock
use the rock to break left glass for plate
put the plate on toybox and connect the picture to get key
get a step ladder on the right corner
use the key to open lock on roof and escape to bloody house escape level 6 or back to all list of blood house escape walkthrough

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