Blood House Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Answers for Blood House Escape Level 6 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle and find keys on each room to escape from a blood house ! there are 8 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from the house.
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Blood House Escape Level 6 Cheats :
get crowbar on left door
move the painting on middle wall and use crowbar to get nail
use the nail on left iron and get a paper of clue : square triangle diamond circle
look on right roof wood for another hint :
circle = 16
square = 6
triangle = 1
diamond = 3
so order the shape to get the correct numbers : 61316
use these code to open right safe box and obtain fly swatter
use the item to hit 3 fly on corner left and pick up a fly
tap right spider web and use fly to get a handle
connect the handle to the faucet on right barrel and press it
get key inside barrel and escape to bloody house escape level 7 or back to all list of blood house escape walkthrough

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