Blood House Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Blood House Escape Level 7 Walkthrough – Solve the puzzle and find keys on each room to escape from a blood house ! there are 8 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from the house.
прохождение Blood House Escape by Amphibius Developers on android device


step by step blood house escape level 7 video guide


Blood House Escape Level 7 Cheats :
get key inside toilet tank and use it to open the cabinet on left for screwdriver
use screwdriver on left wall and memorize the picture order :
pie – bottle – anchor – drink – bottle
tap the right wall tile on the correct order to get a pipe
use the pipe on bath tub and get a soap + handle + plug
take a fishbowl on shelf
put the plug on left sink, tap the faucet and use fishbowl on it
use the sponge to clean the right floor and add fishbowl to get a key
use key to open door and escape to bloody house escape level 8 or back to all list of blood house escape walkthrough

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