Cabin Escape Alice’s Story Walkthrough

Solution for room escape game by Glitch Games : Cabin Escape Alice’s Story Walkthrough
look on the kitchen, there’s a panel box on left wall. Well the key to open the door is inside this panel, and you need to find 5 wooden cross to get it open.


cabin escape video guide cheats :

Cabin Escape is a prologue to the Forever Lost series, help Alice escape the isolated log cabin by discovering clues and solving puzzles.

cabin escape walkthrough
tap the book on kitchen, it’s a homework with math equation :
2 x 5 – 3 + 1 = ? the answer is 8
go to next room on right and tap the right shelf, there’s a box with code
enter all the numbers from the book : 25318
get 4 different powders inside, get the matchbox under floor and paper next to the computer on table
back to the first room and tap the right fireplace, put the paper then light a fire with matches
now put the powder in order I II III IV and remember the colors for each flame
back to the kitchen and look on the right drawer, there’s a flyer paper with size matters :
I = football
II = earth
III = golf ball
IV = moon
these are the size order for the color
go to next room and tap the lamp table, and click on the box to enter the correct color for the box :
blue – red – purple – green
get the 1st cross and light bulb inside


look on the middle table on first room, there’s a drawer with 4 green circle and a start button
tap the start button and remember the order, tap the correct order : 134213
get a key inside
find 4 yellow circle with black triangle on :
1st room : right table and middle table
2nd room : shelf and under bed
now go to the kitchen and open the left drawer with key
change the red circle like 4 yellow circle that you found :
1st row : right – left – up – down
2nd row : left – left – left – up
get the 2nd wood cross


on the 1st room, go to the right table and get a bottle lid and move to the next room
use the bottle lid to the handpainting paper on the floor to clean it and reveal the code 391
tap the door and press + hold each finger print to get number : 391
go inside and get the ladder, place the light bulb on the lamp
remember the position of yellow star on wall
back to the 1st room and place the ladder in middle to reach the attic, get a circle next to the dominoes on floor
go to the bedroom and tap the right wall above the bed, place the star dial on the missing spot
now change the dial position like the star (from top to bottom) :
3 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 5
get another wooden cross inside


tap the computer on 2nd room, click forgotten password to reset password with security questions :
what is your husband’s middle name ?
typewriter on shelf : property of jason “anthony” bethlam
what was the name of your first pet ?
picture on the attic wall : “lucy” on roof
what is your favourite holiday location ?
1st room right painting : jason and i visit “lake solomon” every year
your password has been reset to ‘monkey’
enter the password and you must drag the “settings” to the think box, because there’s a clue above the fireplace : use a hammer on the box
now go to the fireplace and click the glass box to get the 4th wooden cross


remember the dark color from the left and right window on the 1st room, go to the 2nd room and open the lamp table drawer using the window clue :
get a pliers inside
back to the 1st room and tap the middle table to see a pet rock, use the pliers to remove the right eyeball
go to the 2nd room and tap the right table, select the pet rock’s eyeball and press the ink bottle to get an inky eyeball
get the black marbles on the right shelf
move to the attic on 1st room and remember the dominoes dot on floor
go to the kitchen and look at the circle board with dots on left side
put all the marbles and inky eyeball on it
now rearrange the black dot position like the dominoes to get the last wooden cross


place all the wooden cross on the left panel and get the door key
unlock the door open with this key and get out
continue the story in forever lost 🙂

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