Hat Room Escape Game Walkthrough

Solutions for Hat Room Escape Game Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle code on this strange room with books & hats and escape.
脱出ゲーム Hat By koji morimoto on iphone, ipod, ipad and android device


Hat – room escape game – cheats :
go to the right, tap the blue hat and mat on left chair get the black square
move to the right and check the color of the hat on right side :
black – yellow – blue – red – green
tap the closet on left side and change the white square color into the hats color
open it and ge a box inside, move to the right
tap the shelf and get the square under the right green hat
now tap the box on inventory and press on the hat shelf position :
the “book” is rotated by 90 degree to the right so here’s the answer :
o o x
x o x
o x o
get a cutter inside, and tap it to pull out the knife blade


tap under the shelf and cut the stick to obtain it
click the book shelf on top and use the stick to reach the book on the right
zoom out and get the book on the floor
open the book and use cutter on it to get a square
move to the other side and look at the hat on shelf, remember the lines on each hat :
2 – 1 – 3
move to the right, tap the closet left door and put the square piece like the hat line number
get a box inside and observe it, you will see a circle triangle and square
you need to count all the shape of the hat on each room to get the numbers
the answers :
circle = 6
triangle = 5
square = 9
get a blue keycard inside the box

go to the right and look on the bookshelf, separate the roman numbers by choosing the same book color :
red = V = 5
green = IV = 4
blue = II = 2
move to the right and tap the hat on left to make it fall, look on the hat there’s a paper :
red book – 3
do the same with the right hat :
blue book + 2

do the math and look at the panel on door, use the keycard to reveal BOOK hint
now enter the correct number code : 2 4 4
open the door and escape from this room


Hat room escape game video guide :

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