Can You Escape 2 Level 6 Walkthrough

Answer for can you escape 2 level 6 walkthrough – How to solve the puzzle logic by using items, numbers and symbols all around the room to pass for the next floor.
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can you escape 2 niveau 6 solution
move the red plane on left cabinet, and remember the shape
get an elephant’s tusk below it
open the top shelf and pick up a ring

go to other room and tap on the left painting, now change the diamond shape into the correct one :
left = diamond – diamond – square
right = diamond – square – square
get a wheel

use the tusk on the left drum to get a bottle and brush
click the box behind the right drum, use the ring on the handle and open the drawer to see white and black ball clue :
left : black – black – white – white
right : white – white – white – black

use the brush and bottle on the top keypad to reveal some fingerprint on it, now tap the numbers with fingerprint on it
open the box to get a red heart

tap on the left freezer and tap the “white ball” on the buttons :
x o
x o
o o
o x
get a bottle of drink

now remember the color position of each wheels :
click on the drum near sofa and find a circle
tap on the 4th elephant painting to reveal a hint
tap the speaker hole to see another clue

click on the box on the right side, you need to enter the wheel position on each pointer :
top left – right – bottom left
open the box for another wheel

open the left cabinet and fix all items one by one to get the code numbers
397 + 485 + 979
add up these numbers for the door code : 1861 and exit


can you escape 2 nivel 6 video guide :

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