Can You Escape 2 Level 7 Walkthrough

Cheats for can you escape 2 level 7 walkthrough – How to solve the puzzle logic by using items, numbers and symbols all around the room to pass for the next floor.
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can you escape 2 niveau 7 solution
first you need to find paw color and shape all over the room :
click on the monkey for green color
table with books for yellow color
floor right to the table for red color
cage for blue color

tap on the table drawer to change the correct paw :
1x – 4x – 0 – 6x
get a banana and give it to the monkey for a key

use the key to open the white box on right, get an ice meat

open right table drawer to see a fish food
look on a fish tank and give the fish food from top
remember the numbers behind the fish : 7583

open the table drawer with this code for a matches
open the cabinet door for a bottle of gas

click on the mini stove and put the meat on it, use the bottle of gas, matches to light the stove on
grab the meat and feed the leopard
get a key card from the other side of the cage

use the keycard on the machine below the “nature preserve” and complete the zebra jigsaw puzzle

open the cage and click the hatch, change the color into :
top color : yellow green – blue red – red yellow – green blue
click the red button and open the elevator door


can you escape 2 nivel 7 video guide :

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