Can You Escape Aliens Level 2 Walkthrough

Help for Can You Escape Aliens Level 2 Walkthrough – You must solve the puzzle on each room in order to get key or different codes to open the door and pass through the new stage.
Can You Escape Aliens by TMTMOBIL on on iphone / android device


can you escape aliens niveau 2 solution
get a handle on the right floor and use it on the right drawer
open the 3rd drawer and you’ll find a paper clue :
NUMBER : 445482
UN:MB:RE = 44 : 54 : 28
tap the box on left shelf and enter the numbers to open for a key
use the key to open the box on right sofa and get a bunch of papers
open the suitcase on the table and put the papers on the left side, tap it once so you can find the code numbers : 57130
open the first drawer on the right using the number and get another papers
put the rest of papers on the suitcase and it will reveal some 3×3 square with numbers
these are the hint to press order
tap the box on the left shelf and tap on these white square :
1 5 3
6 4 x
2 x 7
get blue exit card
tap the right flag to move it and put the card on the slot so the door open

can you escape aliens nivel 2 video cheats guide :


Find out if you can finish all levels in this exciting and fun puzzle game.

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