Can You Escape Aliens Level 3 Walkthrough

Tips for Can You Escape Aliens Level 3 Walkthrough – You must solve the puzzle on each room in order to get key or different codes to open the door and pass through the new stage.
Can You Escape Aliens by TMTMOBIL on on iphone / android device


can you escape aliens niveau 3 solution
tap the right shelf and get the green bottle
use the green bottle to the 4 bottle on table and you will reveal the numbers : 1968
open the bottom right shelf to get a gun and use it to remove all 4 box bottle on the top left shelf
enter the code and get a pliers inside the safe box
use the pliers to cut the lock on bottom left and open the cabinet door for a pipe
use the pipe on the right bottle (green + yellow) and look on the tray for a key
open the left box using this key to get a plug and lighter

use the lighter on the top right candle and look at the shadow : MIB
click the lamp on table and connect the plug, remember the shadow number : 4819
enter both code on the keypad panel on the right wall and door will open

can you escape aliens nivel 3 video cheats guide :


Find out if you can finish all levels in this exciting and fun puzzle game.

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