Can You Escape Armageddon Level 8 Walkthrough

Answers for Can You Escape Armageddon Level 8 Walkthrough – solve 9 different post-apocalyptic room, where your mission is to escape from the end of the World with puzzle, riddle and items! Find 15 missing safe keys to unlock the secret room !
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Can You Escape Armageddon Stage 8 Cheats
move forward and get the hammer
look on the left to get gear
reveal diamond symbol = 3 on left wall behind coat
go back and tap right box
pick up crowbar and nail
use crowbar to open the box and get a saw
cut the pipe on left with saw

go back and move to the left
tap on the left side and tap the red button
use crowbar to open the hatch
connect the gear
look at the symbol where the diamond = C which is 3

go back and combine hammer + nail
now use it to open the floor panel
you will find code V = 5
pick up the tool then use pipe on left machine
get the belt and go up

using the code on the left you will find the square value = 2
back to the locker
enter the symbol code on locker = 3352
get the belt head then combine it with belt

back to the gear and use tool on it
connect the belt then tap the button to escape
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step by step can you escape armageddon level 8 video guide

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