Can You Escape Armageddon Level 9 Walkthrough

Answer for Can You Escape Armageddon Level 9 Walkthrough – solve 9 different post-apocalyptic room, where your mission is to escape from the end of the World with puzzle, riddle and items! Find 15 missing safe keys to unlock the secret room !
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Can You Escape Armageddon Stage 9 Cheats
tap the shelf on elft and get toy + wheel
use wheel on the middle crate and you’ll find a banana
get the golf stick on middle floor
go to the right and use toy on left track
get the clamp
look at right shelf to get screwdriver and books

go back and look at the cashier machine
count down numbers on :
bear = 143
banana = 12
orange = 7
toys = 100
add them all and enter the code : 262
take the card

go to the left and use card to open the door
place the books on the water
use screwdriver to open left panel
add golf stick on the gear and tap it
take the ball on right

go back to the cash register and use the ball to the water on floor
back to left door and use ball on left panel
use clamp to cut the chains on right panel
now connect the colors of wire and door will open so you can escape
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step by step can you escape armageddon level 9 video guide

Get ready for the adventure of your life and for your life! If you believe you have what it takes to face the Armageddon download this room escape game and start your journey.
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