Can You Escape Coma Level 2 Walkthrough

Solutions for Can You Escape Coma Level 2 Walkthrough – the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door.
Can You Escape: Coma by mannyappsny on android and iphone device
i think i have been before, and everything looks familiar to me
i can only move forward


can you escape coma niveau 2 solution :
tap the calendar to see the circle on jul – oct – dec numbers : 9 4 5
enter 9:45 on the left clock to get a battery
open the left drawer to get a flashlight
combine flashlight + battery together from inventory

tap above the cabinet and use the flashlight to see the puzzle
connect the house picture to get codes : 512
look at the right bookshelf and enter the numbers
get the key part and move to right room

open the toilet tank and get a hose
use the hose on faucet
look on the floor for another key part
combine both key parts and use it to open door to proceed for stage 3


Can You Escape Coma Nivel 2 Video Cheats Guide :

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