Can You Escape Coma Level 3 Walkthrough

Cheats for Can You Escape Coma Level 3 Walkthrough – the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door.
Can You Escape: Coma by mannyappsny on android and iphone device
it’s so weird, im not hungry or sleep
i think i lost track of time
apparently, if i move forward it gets harder


can you escape coma niveau 3 solution :
get money from right jacket and use it on right vending machine for chocolate
give the chocolate to the mouse on the left rat hole
get the key and use it to open the right cabinet drawer
press green button to see the star line, change the direction to :
up right – right – up left – down left
you will see number 6 on screen

tap the keypad and enter :
3 x 5 + 7 – 16
door will open and you can proceed to stage 4


Can You Escape Coma Nivel 3 Video Cheats Guide :

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