Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 15 Walkthrough

Solution for Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 15 Walkthrough – Find all 15 purple dragon gem on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all the tower room !
прохождение Can You Escape – Tower 2 by Kaarel Kirsipuu / MobiGrow on iphone and android


Can You Escape Tower 2 Stage 15 Cheats
tap right box and get a hook
go down and pick up stick then combine with hook
use it on the plug so the water gone
tap the floor and connect the puzzle picture to get a green gem
go up and use the gem on right wall so you can go out
get a red gem

go back and put red gem on left
go inside to get a rope and connect it on the right bell
tap the rope to get paper clue and button plate
if you look on the paper there are some words :
sea gem key dog art
use the KEY as the answer

back to middle room and tap right box
put the plate on box and change it to KEY
open box to get blue gem
put it on middle wall and go inside
pick up torch and use it on left room to melt the ice
get the square plate


back to middle room
get the paper scroll to see clue
right number < left number top number < bottom number place the plate on floor and change the numbers like the hint a portal will open and you can escape proceed to can you escape tower secret room step by step can you escape tower 2 level 15 video guide
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